About us

Each funeral is different, and every person unique. This belief is at the centre of what we do, and the way that we work. We take great pride in offering a professional, caring and sensitive service to you, when you are confronted with the death of someone you love.

Why choose Co-op Funeralcare?

Our promise is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance. Our team of professionals are here to listen, advise and guide you through all your options. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you’ll always have someone to talk to. We’re here, we understand how difficult this can be and we promise to help you at every step of the way.

What people say about us?

We know just how important it is that we continually listen to what our clients have to say about us to improve the service we offer. We like to know if there were any ways in which we could have improved our service, so we send a short questionnaire out with the funeral invoice.

What’s important to us?

As well as providing an outstanding service to each of our clients, there are certain things that are important to us and make us who we are.

Bereavement support - We support people dealing with grief every day, currently hosting 90 bereavement groups around the country to provide people with ongoing care and social support. Providing a safe environment for people to talk openly about what they’re feeling, and an opportunity to make new friends at a difficult time in their lives. They play an essential part in the communities they serve. We’re also proud to support Brake’s “Someone Has Died Suddenly” children’s books and adult guides. The books are available (free of charge) across all our funeral homes and are designed to help children understand death, what happens when someone dies and the emotions they may be feeling. We also support bereaved parents by offering our services free of charge.

Supporting people with dementia - One in six people over the age of 80 in the UK live with dementia. So we've launched our ‘Memory Boxes’ activity, a new initiative aimed to trigger long-term memory recognition for those with dementia. The first Funeralcare Memory box was developed by our colleague Kenny McLachlan at our Dunfermline funeral home. He developed the concept of a “Football Memory Box” in conjunction with the Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust and the Pars Foundation.

Supporting healthcare professionals in our communities – it can sometimes be difficult for medical and healthcare professionals to provide families with advice and reassurance when it comes to funeral arrangements. We’ve been working with these professionals to pass on relevant knowledge that allows them to deliver better support and advice to families when a patient dies.

Communities are at the heart of Co-op Funeralcare. We strive to be a positive, active part of our communities and give back to those in our local areas. We don't just want to raise awareness of our business, we want to provide opportunities for our community to get to know us, to develop and to prosper.

The Co-op Funeralcare is a trading name of Funeral Services Limited. Part of The Co-op Group.